How to scientifically recycle Christmas trees?

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At the beginning of each year, recycling a large number of Christmas trees is a big problem. In Mexico, about 1.2 million plants are consumed during the Christmas season, 45% of which are produced domestically and the rest are imported. As Christmas and New Years fade away, these trees are often discarded as garbage. The latest good news is that now we can give them new life and use them as organic matter to nourish parks, gardens, sidewalks and green spaces for sustainable development. Mexico's National Forestry Commission (Conafor) says the trees used for the Christmas season are 100 percent biodegradable. If recycled, each tree can be turned into compost and used as fertilizer for reforestation. Deposited around trees and flowers, this compost not only serves a decorative function, but also retains soil moisture and prevents weeds from growing; prevents soil erosion during rainy periods, and cools the soil to keep it soft during periods of extreme heat. Among other things, it can be used to make crafts, organic mixtures, or materials used in gardening. While trees are natural organic matter that degrades over time, improper handling can also damage the environment. If we get these trees right, we can avoid taking up a lot of space in landfills. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be reduced if we dispose of trees without burning them——This is the main cause of global warming. By scientifically recycling Christmas trees, we can return to nature the generous gifts that nature gave us during the Christmas season, allowing more green trees to regenerate and helping to extend the life of landfills. In this regard, the National Forestry Commission of Mexico encourages people to bring the trees they bought during the Christmas season to recycling centers set up across the country, most of which are operated by state or municipal governments. Specific information on these collection points can be found on the Mexican Government Portal. The specific URL is as follows: The purpose of this approach is to strengthen citizens' awareness of environmental protection, encourage people to contribute to environmental protection, and promote a circular economy that enables comprehensive utilization of natural resources. In the capital Mexico City (CDMX), if a citizen recycles a tree through a collection point, he will be given a tree, a green plant or compost as a gift.


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