How to spend Christmas abroad

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The British pay the most attention to food at Christmas, and the food includes roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie and so on. Every family member has presents, as do the servants, and all presents are given on Christmas morning. Some Christmas carolers sing from door to door to announce the good news. They will be invited into the house by the host, entertained with refreshments, or given small gifts. 1. The United States Because the United States is a country composed of many nationalities, Americans celebrate Christmas in the most complicated way. Immigrants from various countries still follow the customs of their motherland. But it's the same for Americans who hang wreaths and other fancy decorations outside their doors during the Christmas season. 2. France The average adult in France almost goes to church to attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After finishing, the family members go to the home of the oldest married brother or sister for a reunion dinner. At this gathering, important family matters are discussed, but if there are family members who are not in harmony, the old grievances will be resolved afterwards, and everyone will be reconciled as before, so Christmas is a kind day in France. 3. Spain Spanish children will put their shoes outside the door or window to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities there are gifts for the most beautiful children. Cows can also be treated well that day. It is said that when Jesus was born, a cow breathed out on him to keep him warm. 4. Italy Every Italian family has a model scene of the Nativity story. On Christmas Eve, families gather for a big meal and attend Christmas Mass at midnight. After finishing, they go to visit relatives and friends, only children and old people get presents. At Christmas, Italians have a very good custom that children compose or write poems to express their gratitude to their parents for their upbringing over the past year. Their creations, before the Christmas dinner, were hidden in napkins, under plates or tablecloths, and their parents pretended not to see them. After they finished their big meal, they took it back and read it to everyone. 5. Sweden The Swedes are very hospitable. At Christmas, it is even more obvious. A beautiful family, no matter rich or poor, welcomes friends and even strangers. All kinds of food are placed on the table, and everyone is welcome. eat. 6. Switzerland Santa Claus in Switzerland wears a white robe and a mask. They are all dressed up by poor people, and they form groups to ask for food and gifts from others. After closing the team, they split the gains equally. 7. Denmark Denmark was the first to issue Christmas stamps and anti-tuberculosis stamps. These stamps were issued to raise funds for anti-tuberculosis funds. There is no Christmas mail from the Danes that does not have this stamp on it. People who receive mail will like it more when they see more Christmas stamps! 8. Chile When Chileans celebrate Christmas, there must be a cold drink called "Monkey Tail", which is made from coffee, milk, eggs, wine and fermented grapes. Why is this drink called [Monkey Tail]? No one can explain it. 9. Norway Before the Norwegians go to bed on Christmas Eve, everyone in the family arranges a pair of shoes they are wearing, from large to small, and each person takes turns singing his favorite Christmas song or hymn. 10. Ireland Every family in Ireland, on Christmas Eve, puts a foreign candle or light on the window frame to welcome the birth of the Savior. 11. Scotland The Scots look for things borrowed from others at home and must return them to the owner before Christmas. Most of them give gifts on the first Monday of the new year, not during Christmas, and children and servants will get gifts. 12. The Netherlands The Christmas gifts of the Dutch are often unexpected, and sometimes they are hidden in pudding intestines. 13. Germany Every family that believes in Jesus in Germany has a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree was the first in Germany. Germans are very particular about making Christmas cookies. There are many styles of cakes, and there are gifts among relatives and friends.


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