Is Christmas Tree Combustion 'Hype' or Real?

Author:Guanmei Glass Art-Glass Decoration Suppliers

Yesterday morning, at the entrance of Optics Valley World City Plaza, a Christmas tree suddenly spontaneously ignited due to a short circuit in the wires, and the billowing smoke frightened the surrounding residents. At around 12:30 noon yesterday, I saw at the scene that a Christmas tree about 6 to 7 meters high was burned down to only the iron frame. Under the tree, a few plaster deer were smudged and blackened, and some ribbons and gifts for decorating the Christmas tree were scattered beside it. At the scene, more than 10 security and firefighters were cleaning up and bringing down the burnt Christmas tree. A cleaning worker said that around 11:40 in the morning, the Christmas tree suddenly burst into flames from the top and burned all the way to the bottom. Thick smoke rose more than 20 meters high. After the fire broke out, firefighters from the shopping mall arrived quickly and put out the fire in about 10 minutes. A firefighter said that the fire was suspected to be related to the short circuit of the wires, not the so-called“hype”, the Christmas tree has just been placed for over a week.


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