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Christmas is a traditional festival in the church calendar. It is a day for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. At Christmas, most Christian Catholic (commonly known as Catholic) churches will first hold midnight mass on Christmas Eve, December 24, that is, in the early morning of December 25, while some Protestant (commonly known as Christian) denominations also hold midnight mass. Midnight worship will be held, both of these two branches of Christianity will have good news activities on Christmas Eve, and then celebrate Christmas on December 25;——Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7 every year. According to the Gospels of Christianity, Jesus was born in Bethlehem after the Virgin Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit (also translated as the Holy Spirit). Mary and her husband Joseph were on their way to the Roman census registration at that time. In the eyes of believers, the birth of Jesus is the fulfillment of the coming plan of Messiah (Messiah) in Judaism prophecy, because Bethlehem is the home of David, the ancestor of Joseph. Christmas is also a public holiday in the western world as well as in many other places such as Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore in Asia. The bible does not actually record the date of Jesus' birth, and Christmas is officially determined by later generations.


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