Mystery of "Christmas Tree" Blooming

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One day during the summer vacation, my sister brought back a pack of toys from nowhere. She also told me mysteriously that my sister had a pack of magical Christmas trees. Let’s plant them together. It will be full of snowflakes in two days, and it looks very beautiful. My sister's words aroused my strong curiosity. What kind of toy is so magical that it will bloom snowflakes in summer? So I couldn't wait to open the box with“christmas tree”Toy packaging bag, ready to study. the“christmas tree”After the packaging bag was opened, I saw that there were two Christmas tree models made of paper, with red, yellow, and blue colors around the model, a plate and a pack of unknown liquid. We first crossed the two Christmas tree models according to the instructions on the packaging bag, then put it into the plate, and finally poured the unknown liquid from the Christmas tree model until the model was soaked. At this time, I found that there was nothing to see about the Christmas tree except that there was a lot of water at the bottom. I began to wonder if what my sister said was true? Can snowflakes really grow on these two pieces of paper? Anyway, it’s okay, let’s see and talk! One or two hours passed, and I was surprised to find that there were some small snowflakes growing around the Christmas tree, like salt particles, and I also found that the color of these small snowflakes was the same as the color on the paper, it was amazing, after all What is the reason for it to grow snowflakes? Will the snowflakes melt if they are exposed to the sun? In order to make it clear, I moved the Christmas tree to the yard. Strangely, ten minutes later, the snowflakes on the Christmas tree did not melt at all. At this time, I had another question in my mind, isn't it snowflakes on this tree? So what is it? The mystery of the Christmas tree blooming is still not solved, let's continue to observe and observe. In the evening, I found that the snowflakes on the Christmas tree bloomed more vigorously, pink, beige, and snow-white.……It looks great. At this moment, I made a new discovery. The unknown liquid in the plate containing the Christmas tree seemed to be much less, and now there was only half of the plate full of water. I wonder if this is why the Christmas tree blooms? With this doubt, I tasted this liquid, it tastes a bit salty, I don't know what it is? Early the next morning, I went to see it again. The Christmas tree is covered with snowflakes, and the whole branch is almost bent, but the unknown liquid under the tree has disappeared. Is it really the reason why the Christmas tree blooms? I quickly checked the information, and it turns out that the main ingredient of the potion under the Christmas tree is potassium dihydrogen phosphate. The reason why the Christmas tree will bloom is that when the paper tree is immersed in the chemical aqueous solution of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, the aqueous solution quickly infiltrates in the paper tree and reaches the whole tree; The colored paints painted on the crystals are absorbed by the crystals, so the Christmas tree changes suddenly, just as if it is full of colorful flowers.“snowflake”. Through research, I also learned that people are prone to nausea and vomiting symptoms after inhaling potassium dihydrogen phosphate. I did not expect that this beautiful Christmas tree turned out to be a poisonous tree. It seems that it is very important to understand scientific knowledge, otherwise we will be deceived by the beautiful appearance of this poisonous tree.


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