Nordic ways of celebrating Christmas

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As Western countries attach great importance to Christmas, the celebration of Christmas in Northern Europe is also very grand. The following introduces the celebration methods of several classic countries: Sweden Swedish children are buying Santa Claus dolls In Sweden, traditionally, companies will celebrate Christmas One week before the festival, invite employees to a Christmas smörgåsbord lunch (julbord or jullunch). In order to prevent food poisoning during Christmas, Swedish newspapers spare no effort to report on laboratory tests every year, warning citizens that ingredients such as cold meat and mayonnaise should not be kept at room temperature to prevent spoilage. Christmas is a time to enjoy delicious food in any place in Sweden. The focus of the Christmas feast is mainly on roasted ham, but on which day to enjoy it, there are different regulations in different regions. There is also a customary practice in Sweden, that is, in Tune in to Disney's special TV show on December 24 at 3 p.m. [17]Norway The Christmas dinner in Norway will be held on December 24th. Each region in Norway has its own specific food for Christmas dinner.“Julenissen”(jule means Christmas, and nissen is an elf in Norwegian legend) they will bring gifts to children who behave well. After a quiet day of family reunions on December 25, there will be another big celebration on Boxing Day on December 26, when children go door to door in the neighbourhood, receiving treats. The Finnish Joulupukki (or Christmas goat) is the Finnish version of Santa Claus. He sat in a sleigh pulled by reindeer to deliver gifts to well-behaved children.


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