North American extreme weather will affect Christmas tree supply for years to come


In recent years, due to the impact of extreme weather in North America, the number of high-quality trees that Christmas tree growers can plant has declined, which has led people to consider using plastic trees as an alternative to traditional Christmas trees. Christmas tree farm growers say it is difficult for young plants to thrive in the extreme climate. Christmas tree species are easy to adapt to once they take root, but they are difficult to adapt to inclement weather when they are young, and their life intensity is not strong enough to support a long period without rain. With the frequent occurrence of extreme hot weather and wildfires in summer, extreme cold in winter and heavy snow cover in North America in recent years, the final yield of local tree planting has declined, while the cost of soil protection and maintenance of tree growth continues to increase. Rise, pushing the price of trees to rise continuously. In the coming Christmas, many families may choose plastic Christmas trees instead of traditional Christmas trees. A plastic Christmas tree can generally be recycled for 2-3 years before being thrown away, while a real tree basically needs to be replaced every year. In terms of cost, a plastic Christmas tree is much more cost-effective than a real tree. People use plastic Christmas trees instead Traditional Christmas trees aren't just about the dwindling supply of real trees, either. On the contrary, it is a very important factor affecting the supply of real trees. Supply and demand are determined according to the market..

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