Paris: Throw your Christmas tree here after the holidays

Author:Guanmei Glass Art-Glass Decoration Suppliers

After the festival, everyone’s garlands and decorative balls must be put into the storage box, but the Christmas tree can only be disposed of separately. As in previous years, Paris has set up 174 stations dedicated to recycling Christmas trees until January 20. Acceptable trees are with or without roots, without any decorations or metal legs. You can check the recycling site on the municipal government website: The municipal government explained that the purpose of recycling is to give these Christmas trees a second Secondary life, crushed for green space protection. It can be sprinkled on bushes and paths to reduce the appearance of weeds in an ecological and environmentally friendly way, reduce water evaporation, facilitate the growth of underground microorganisms, and improve soil quality. Last year, 121,146 Christmas trees were collected at 170 recycling sites, bringing in 2,400 cubic meters of usable debris.


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