Rising raw material prices Santa Claus toy "hungry"

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Entering mid-November, foreign trade orders for Christmas supplies have come to an end. Many Yiwu Christmas goods dealers complained:“Christmas”Did not make a lot of money, mainly due to factors such as rising prices of raw materials. raw material price“rise”There are about 400 merchants dealing in Christmas items in Yiwu Small Commodity Market, and the products involve nearly 15,000 varieties of Santa Claus, Christmas toys, Christmas trees, and Christmas costumes. According to statistics, 70% of the Christmas items in the US market and more than 40% in the European market come from Yiwu. A few days ago, the author found that due to the exchange rate adjustment and the price increase of raw materials, Yiwu’s“temperature”some“Hot outside and cold inside”: The factory is busy, there are more phone calls, but the money earned is less. At the same time, under the pressure of cost, Christmas toys have to“dress up”go to market. More companies choose to update products to convert cost pressures. Cotton is mainly used as stuffing and outerwear for Christmas plush toys. Recently, domestic cotton prices have repeatedly hit new highs. Zhang Zifeng, the owner of a factory specializing in the production of fabric Santas and Christmas snowmen, picked up a 60-centimeter tall“rope climbing old man”Show me:“The main stuffing in these santas is cotton, so the price increase affects us a lot.” Not only cotton, but also the prices of other raw materials used in Christmas toys have also risen as agreed.“Since the second half of this year, raw materials have risen too much, and almost all good and bad materials have risen. Many orders have no profit at all.”Next to the container full of Christmas lanterns and Christmas balls, Huang Yunxu, the owner of another Christmas product company, pointed to a plastic Christmas product and told the author,“My lanterns are basically made of plastic. This year, not only cotton has risen, but plastic has also risen sharply.”Santa Claus“Hungry” Zhang Zifeng made a calculation for the author:“used to do one“rope climbing old man”The total cost of labor and raw materials is about 16 yuan, while the wholesale price is between 18-28 yuan. The specific pricing is based on the customer's order quantity, but now cotton has risen so much, and labor costs have also increased from August to September. It started to rise, from 4 yuan an hour to 6 yuan an hour, and the total cost was more than 18 yuan. Several customers with large orders paid deposits in October, and the prices were fixed. It is impossible to increase the price, so last month's order is equivalent to doing nothing, and even a little money has to be posted.” Another boss, Huang Yunxu, came up with a way to transform cost pressures.“The cost of raw materials is high now, and my Santa Claus is hollow, which means that a lot of materials can be saved.”He said that against the backdrop of rapidly rising production costs,“hungry”Santa Claus should be favored by the market. In addition, some store owners began to respond to the challenges of rising cotton prices and exchange rate fluctuations by designing new styles and finding new materials. In a shop full of Santas, the owner, Mr. Gu, picked up a“sitting”Santa Claus said to the author:“This is a new style we made this year. The stuffing in Santa's body used to be cotton, but now it is replaced by well-washed and carefully selected sand. It weighs more in the hand and looks fuller.”Mr Gu said.“In the past, filling Santa Claus with sand was definitely more expensive than cotton, but now that the price of cotton has risen, the cost of using sand and cotton is about the same, while‘sandy old man’quotes are even higher than‘Cotton old man’A little higher, so that we can avoid losing money.”Mr. Gu sighed to the author.


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