santa claus legend

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For children in western countries, the most anticipated thing is Santa Claus, just like Chinese children look forward to lucky money, his big pocket can always take out all kinds of gifts. It is said that on the night of Christmas Eve, the old Christmas guild will drive a reindeer sleigh full of gifts to give to children who have behaved well this year. He will quietly climb into the house from the chimney, and the gifts will be stuffed in the socks hanging by the bed. So children always hang strips of colorful socks on the head of the bed, and put a cup of hot milk next to the socks to quench the thirst of the hard-working Santa Claus, and give themselves a big gift. The next day, every child couldn't wait to open the gift, wanting to know what reward they got. In 1822, after a Dutch missionary spread the story of this great philanthropist to the United States, American businessmen even used special marketing methods to use this festival to advertise with great fanfare every year and make a fortune. Other countries followed suit. Therefore, the custom of dressing up as Santa Claus to celebrate Christmas has gradually become popular all over the world.


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