Santa Claus, the most coveted profession in foreign countries

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The most coveted job in foreign countries is Santa Claus. Let me introduce how many people are salivating about the job of Santa Claus abroad. 1. He is very mysterious. You often hear his name and see his name.“stand-in assistant”, I just can't see him at work. 2. The possibility of firing Santa Claus and laying him off is zero. 3. He appears naturally every year when he goes to work, and there is not even a ghost at other times. 4. His working method is a 12-hour system a year, and it is still at nightfall. God knows if he goes to work or not. 5. Even if he goes to work, he is just a boss, directing a lot of“follower”Running errands, but his followers have nothing to do with the gratitude and praise that people pay him. 6. The important content of his work is: traveling around the world (our dream). 7. This industry is completely monopolized, you cannot“Santa Claus”,“Christmas girl”,“christmas dad”,“mother christmas”or“granny christmas”participate in fair competition in the name of“follower”or“stand-in assistant”.


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