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“Christmas”the name is“christian mass”abbreviation of. Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival. We regard it as Jesus' birthday to celebrate, so also known as Christmas. On this day, all Christian churches in the world hold special worship ceremonies. But there are many Christmas celebrations that have nothing to do with religion. Exchanging gifts and sending Christmas cards make Christmas a day of universal celebration. Christmas is the biggest holiday in the Christian world. At the beginning of the 4th century, January 6th was a double festival for the churches in the eastern part of the Roman Empire to commemorate the birth and baptism of Jesus.“Epiphany”Epiphany, also known as“Epiphany”That is, God revealed himself to the world through Jesus. At that time, the only exception was the church in La Leng, where only the birth of Jesus was commemorated but not the baptism of Jesus. Later historians found in the calendar commonly used by Roman Christians that the page on December 25, 354 AD reads:“Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judah.”After research, it is generally believed that December 25, accompanied by Christmas, may have begun in the Roman Church in 336 AD) and spread to Antioch in Asia Minor in 375 AD, and to Alexandria in Egypt in 430 AD. In the nineteenth century, with the popularity of Christmas cards and the appearance of Santa Claus, Christmas also became popular. December 25th is the day when most Christians around the world commemorate the birth of Jesus. The church didn't have Christmas at the beginning, and it didn't exist until about a hundred years after Jesus ascended to heaven. It is said that the first Christmas was held in 138 AD by the Bishop of Rome, St. Kerry Gate. The first Christmas in church history was in 336 AD. Since the Bible does not clearly record when Jesus was born, Christmas dates vary from place to place. It was not until AD 440 that December 25 was designated by the Holy See as Christmas. In 1607 AD, church leaders from all over the world gathered in Bethlehem to further confirm it. Since then, most Christians in the world regard December 25 as Christmas. In fact, it does not matter which day, it is important to know that it is to commemorate the birth of the savior Jesus. Because the Bible records that Jesus was born at night, the tradition says that the night of December 24 is"christmas eve"or"Christmas Eve". The birth of Jesus was predicted by the Old Testament prophets:"A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel (meaning'God is with us').


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