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Christmas trees can sing, have you heard it? It is true that these two words are hard to associate with each other, but there is such a thing. In the ancient town of Pingle, there is a 6-meter-high Christmas tree with a crown diameter of 4 meters and a height of 3 floors. It will be the first in the country during the Christmas season“singing christmas tree”. In fact, this Christmas tree is a 5-story small stage, which can accommodate 80 people for chorus. At Christmas time, Pingle Ancient Town will hold a festival on this special Christmas stage“music carnival”, inviting Chengdu citizens to stand on the Christmas stage and sing. All citizens who stand on the tree and sing will receive a mysterious gift. Citizens who sign up for singing can also ride for free at the East Square of Kuanzhai Alley“Pingle Ancient Town Singing Christmas Tree Through Train”.


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