Star of Bethlehem on top of Christmas tree


In the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the mysterious star that guided the three sages to find the birthplace of Jesus is known as the "Christmas Star", "Jesus Star" or "Bethlehem Star", and now it has become the top of the Christmas tree Shining stars, or various flowers in Christmas. So what is this mysterious star? The Star of Bethlehem, also known as the Christmas Star or the Star of Jesus, is a special light body in the sky when Jesus was born. yeah. According to the Bible, the behavior of this star is very special. It indicated to the astrologers the residence of Herod, the local vassal of Jerusalem, and then guided them to the place where Jesus and his parents lived. But all these recorded phenomena are contrary to daily life experience, so is there such a star? At present, there is no consensus on the interpretation of the Star of Bethlehem in astronomy. At present, the main hypotheses include Venus theory, Halley’s Comet theory, supernova theory, meteor theory, Uranus theory, etc., but none of these theories seem to be very tenable in the face of science. It can be seen that so far, although people are still very interested in the Star of Bethlehem, it has to be said that the answer to "what is the shining star on the top of the Christmas tree" may never be found..

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