Survey shows that this year's Christmas shopping season in Europe is not optimistic


According to the latest survey, due to the high inflation rate in Europe and the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, Europeans plan to spend significantly less on Christmas gifts this year. According to survey data from Germany, although 40% of German consumers hoped to buy gifts for their loved ones during the Christmas season in the range of 101 to 300 euros last year, this figure will drop to 26% this year. They will also be more cautious when buying expensive Christmas gifts: the willingness to buy Christmas gifts over 300 euros has fallen from 32% in 2021 to 24% this year. One of the most important criteria German consumers will use to choose Christmas gifts this year will be price (29%), followed by quality (24%), as well as product sustainability (16%) and fair production (10%). This year, 11% of consumers surveyed are planning surprise gifts, and only 7% are willing to make, crochet or knit their own gifts. Inflation this year has caused the European economy to fall all the way, making European consumers' desire for Christmas consumption not high..

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