The Birth of the Christmas Tree

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US President Barack Obama lit up outside the South Gate of the White House in early December“country christmas tree”. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree these days, and the president’s lighting of the national tree has been a White House tradition since 1923, with the tree tradition coming up shortly before that. In the West, Jesus' birthday has been celebrated on December 25 since AD ​​354, but there are almost no records of Christmas trees in early European history. Bernd·Brenner said in ((Inventing the Christmas Tree) that the earliest records appeared in 1494, and the clerk of Strasbourg recorded that the local custom was to cut down pine branches and bring them home during the New Year. In the 16th century, this This custom is widely spread in today's Germany, and even threatened to cut down the forest, so in 1554, the city of Freiburg banned the cutting of pine branches during Christmas. In the following three or four hundred years, Christmas trees were only found in Germany. , Not even the whole of Germany cut down Christmas trees. Now the word Christmas tree Tannenbaum in English means pole tree in German. Later people put the Christmas tree and the religious reformer Martin·Luther connected. Therefore, many Catholics hate Christmas trees very much. In the late 19th century, many people even called Christianity the tree-grabbing religion: in the 1930s, the Vatican still chose to replace the Christmas tree with the scene of Christ being born in a manger. In the middle of the 19th century, the tradition of the Christmas tree began to spread from Germany. Because the German-born prince Albert later became the king of England, the Christmas tree came to England. Even with the leadership of the royal family, the Christmas tree was still a novelty in the UK. great writer charles·Charles Dickens writes about Germany's beautiful toys—Christmas tree, top and bottom full of sparkling little things. Before Dickens wrote the seminal ghost story "A Christmas Carol", it contained holly, ivy and gourd parasites that continued in the local Celtic tradition, but no Traces of the Christmas tree. Christmas trees came to the United States with German immigrants in the mid-19th century. The editor of The New York Times declared that the German Christmas tree was a lifeless corpse without roots. The article said that the German Christmas tree replaced Christmas socks as a symbol of the holiday. This change made artists and faithful believers feel sad, and the candle oil hanging on the tree dripped on the carpet, making people nervous and afraid of fire. They also made the scent of hemlock disappear from the land they loved. Nevertheless, the American public embraced the Christmas tree with greater enthusiasm than the native Germans. With the help of Americans, Christmas trees have spread to many parts of the world. Some countries accept the Christmas tree as part of the Christmas tradition, while others, such as Japan, simply incorporate the tree and other Christmas decorations into the local gift-exchanging culture.


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