The Charm of the Christmas Tree

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The Christmas tree is the most prominent decoration in Christmas. The charm of a Christmas tree lies in its ability to arouse people's beautiful longing for a new life. The use of pine and cypress for the Christmas tree is the most symbolic, because pine and cypress (pve tree) are also evergreen in cold regions. It symbolizes the birth and growth of new life, and also symbolizes the health, longevity and wishes of kind people. The author has seen someone make the branches and leaves of the Christmas tree all white. The original idea of ​​the designer may be the atmosphere of snowflakes in Europe and the United States and the pure plot. But it is a pity that it does not conform to the legend of the original intention of the Christmas tree, but it greatly reduces the charm of the Christmas tree, and of course the sales cannot be as expected. Although there are many different legends about the origin of the Christmas tree (artificial Christmas tree), it is the same as an evergreen tree of life and a wishing tree that can discern good and evil in Paradise of Eden. The original legend of the Christmas tree is that the original ancestor violated the rules of heaven in the Paradise of Eden and was expelled. The savior sent by God came to the world, so Jesus was born in Bethlehem. There is a pine tree in the Paradise of Eden, which is regarded as a symbol of hope and life. Later generations decorated the tree with stars, bells, candlelight, etc., symbolizing the light and wishes of the world. The second is a religious drama that dates back to medieval Germany, and performed the historical fact that God gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. Performances of this play are usually held in a piazza or sanctuary with a pine tree representing Eden. The third is that a long time ago, there was a farmer who rescued a poor child who was starving and freezing in the ice and snow. After the child was warmed and regained his strength, he stuck a pine branch in his hand on the ground and bid farewell. The following Christmas, the pine branches grow into trees, and the tops are covered with gifts to thank the farmers for their kindness. There are many legends about the Christmas tree, and now it has become a festival all over the world. Every December 25th, everyone is in the thick atmosphere of Christmas.


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