The Christmas economy brought on by Christmas

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Usually the biggest annual economic stimulus for countries that celebrate Christmas. In almost all retail areas, there will be a dramatic increase in sales, such as people buying gifts, decorations, and supplying parties for guests. Every family needs it, so many manufacturers will make a lot of stock in this area, and there are more and more styles of Christmas trees, and they all attract people's attention. Not only do customers like it, but it can also make businesses dislike it. Stores use the opportunity to launch new products at high prices, and consumers use the time to buy some discounted items. In the United States, retail“Christmas shopping season”It was extended to begin on Thanksgiving and end on Good Friday. For some shops and businesses, Christmas is the only day of the year when they are closed. Christmas and New Year's discounts cause stores to sell off their backlogs, and the economic ramifications of this phenomenon continue well into the post-holiday period. Many fundamentalist Christians, also known as anti-money worshipers, condemn the commercialization of Christmas. They accuse the Christmas season of being controlled by money and greed at the expense of its more important values ​​of compassion, generosity and kindness. Excessive leaflets and other problems can also lead to social problems on the rise during Christmas. In North America, during the Christmas holiday film season, various production companies often release the most anticipated films of the year, so as to win good box office and Oscar tickets during the holidays. Another release season is summer vacation.“Christmas”Films are generally released no later than Thanksgiving, after which time such themes are less popular.


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