The History of the Christmas Tree

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A Christmas tree (Christmas tree) is an evergreen tree decorated with candles and ornaments to decorate a fir tree or foreign pine as part of Christmas celebrations. Modern Christmas trees originated in Germany. The Germans arranged a fir tree (the tree of the Garden of Eden) at the home on December 24, Adam and the Day of the Day, and hung the biscuits on it, symbolizing the sanctuary (the mark of the Christian atonement). In modern times, all kinds of cookies are used instead of sanctuaries, and candles symbolizing Christ are often added. In addition, there is a Christmas tower indoors, which is a wooden triangular structure with many small shelves to place the statue of Christ, and the tower is decorated with evergreen branches, candles and a star. By the 16th century, the Christmas tower and the Eden tree were merged into the Christmas tree.


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