The Legend of the Christmas Tree

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Without the Christmas tree, Christmas will lack the festive atmosphere. There are many different legends about the Christmas tree. One said: around the 16th century, the Germans brought evergreen pine and cypress branches to the house for decoration and became Christmas trees. Later, the German Martin Luther put candles on the fir branches in the woods, and then lit the candles, which seemed to lead people to Bethlehem. Today, small pink bulbs have been used. The other said: In the past, Alsace in Germany was the place where Christmas trees were produced. According to legend, there was a hermit saint named Florentin who lived in a wood in Alsace and loved children very much. One year at Christmas, he hoped that the children in the neighborhood could play happily together, but he was very poor and had no money to buy the children's favorite toys and candies, so he was very troubled by this matter. One morning, when Florentine was walking in the woods, he suddenly saw a small fir tree, covered with snow, with many small icicles hanging on the branches. Finished and shiny, very beautiful. He got the tree back and planted it in a pot. In the woods, I picked up some wild fruits, mixed them with flour, made some small cakes in the shape of crosses or stars, and hung them on the branches. I also used some small candles and stuck them on the branches. As a result, the tree was decorated with colorful lights, which was very beautiful. On Christmas Eve, Florentine rang the bell, and the children heard it, and ran to his hut. Everyone surrounded the tree, danced and sang Christmas songs, and then Florentine distributed the cakes to the children, and everyone had a happy Christmas. Later, this custom spread.


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