The Origin of Christmas Cards

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As early as a few years ago, people would give each other gift cards during festivals, which is not only a blessing to others on festivals, but also a way to express their feelings. Now, greeting cards seem to be less popular than before, but they still exist. Christmas greeting cards are still very popular in western countries, so how many people know about the origin of Christmas greeting cards? According to legend, Christmas cards began in 1844. At that time, Queen Victoria of England and Prince Abba celebrated Christmas in Windsor Castle in London, and invited royal children to the palace to attend the banquet, and congratulatory words were printed on the invitation cards. Since then, Europeans have followed suit and used this kind of cards with congratulatory words to congratulate each other on Christmas and New Year. The origin of the Christmas card is as follows: As early as Christmas in 1842, the British missionary Pu Lizhi used a card to draw a picture of the birth of Jesus and wrote two sentences: "I wish you a Merry Christmas." Happy New Year.” Then send this card to friends who are missionaries in Africa. After seeing it, Sir Henry Coul thought it was very meaningful, so he asked the painter Maurey to design and make a card for a close friend. It is said that this Christmas card is a beautiful picture of family Christmas joy. In the corner of the painting, it also says: "Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year." As for the origin of Chinese New Year's cards, there are also Clues to be found. In the early years, people in the officialdom or social gentry, at the beginning of the new year, those with low positions or seniority would pay New Year's greetings to the elderly or high-ranking ones. If the host is not around, or there are VIPs at home and it is inconvenient to meet guests, the person who pays New Year's greetings will leave a red business card (or a person with red letters) on it, with the words "Visit the New Year at the mansion and congratulate the New Year" to express the meaning of visiting the New Year in person. (Whether there is any sending of New Year's cards, there is no research.) In the past, most of the pictures of Christmas cards were related to Jesus Christmas; Christians should still choose pictures with Christmas mood. If you have relatives and friends in faraway places who are busy with work and seldom communicate, you can send a Christmas card to express your nostalgia and blessings. I believe the other party will be very pleased. If you are not a Christian, it is also very meaningful to use a Christmas card as a New Year's card.


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