The Social Impact of Christmas

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Because the focus of Christmas is on celebrating with friends and family (and in Hong Kong, on being with couples, making it another Valentine's Day of the year), people without families or couples, and those who have suffered a recent loss, are more likely to suffer from depression during Christmas. Therefore, the demand for psychological counseling services increases during the Christmas period. A small spike in suicide and murder rates has been found around Christmas, possibly because alcohol is part of the holiday celebrations. In any case, the months with the highest suicide rates are May and June; disasters related to drunk driving also increase during the Christmas period. In a Christian country, non-Christians will find it boring at Christmas because the shops are closed, friends are on vacation, and their only entertainment is“Movies and Chinese restaurants”Yes, movie theaters will stay open to make money during the holidays. Shops opened by Chinese will not close on this busy day. The main products of Guangzhou Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. are artificial plastic Christmas trees, Christmas balls, Christmas wreaths, Christmas rattan, Christmas madder, beads and deer. There are so many types that you can always find your own Christmas. Company website:


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