The special meaning of the Christmas tree

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Trafalgar Square in London The Christmas tree from the Norwegian city of Oslo represents the people of Norway who extended a helping hand to the British people during World War II to resist the Nazis; Boston, Massachusetts has a Christmas tree that was a gift from Nova Scotia, Canada, as a thank you for their quick and effective assistance after the bombing of the munitions ship in 1917; Newcastle on the Tyne receives a 15-meter-high Christmas tree from the city of Bergen, Norway every year, thanking them for being part of the Allied Forces and helping to retake Bergen from the Nazi occupation forces. . The National Christmas Tree of the United States is erected every year south of the White House in Washington, DC. Today, lighting the books has become a major event in the White House during the Christmas holidays. the“Charlie·brown christmas tree”This concept can be used to describe an ugly small tree. Some customers who buy Christmas trees intend to buy such trees, expressing sympathy for their plight. The concept comes from Charlie·Brown's Christmas Tree in the TV series A Charlie Brown Christmas. In New Zealand, the Pohutukawa tree is described as“natural christmas tree”, because they bloom during the Christmas season, and their red flowers and green leaves look like a decorated Christmas tree.


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