The Tale of the Christmas Stocking

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Speaking of Christmas, in addition to the well-known Santa Claus and Christmas trees, children should not forget Christmas stockings, because they are used to hold mysterious gifts. There is also a very interesting legend about Christmas stockings: Legend has it that a long time ago, there was a kind-hearted nobleman. His wife died of illness, leaving him and his three daughters. The aristocrat tried a number of inventions, failed, and ran out of money, so they had to move to a farmhouse where his daughters cooked, sewed, and cleaned themselves. A few years passed, and the daughters reached the age of marriage one after another, but the father became even more depressed because he had no money to buy the dowry for the daughters. One evening, after the girls had done their laundry, they hung their stockings to dry in front of the fireplace. After Saint Nicholas knew about their father's situation, he came to their house that night. From the window he saw the whole family asleep and noticed the girls' stockings. Immediately, he took out three small packets of gold from his pocket and threw them one by one from the chimney, just falling into the girls' stockings. The next morning, the daughters awoke to find their stockings filled with gold, enough gold for their dowry. The aristocrat was therefore able to see his daughters get married and lived happily ever after. Later, children all over the world inherited the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings. Children in some countries have other similar customs. For example, in France, children put their shoes by the fireplace, and in some countries, they hang stockings by the bed. Of course, these are just legends, and there will be no real Christmas. The old man comes to give presents, just a way for you to celebrate at Christmas.


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