The Trinity in Search of Jesus

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After Jesus was born, the three wise men set out from today's near Iran and Arabia to find him. Although usually they are called“three kings”, but the Bible does not record exactly how many people they were, or whether they were kings or not. Calling them this is just a guess, because they brought three gifts to little Jesus: a golden crown, frankincense, and myrrh. Of course someone is always studying them. Today we might call them philosophers or scientists. They saw an unusual star rising in the sky and decided that a special king had been born. (The star they saw was probably an exploding“Supernova”, which is known from astronomical records. ) they follow where the stars lead——East——And finally found the location of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. To honor this extraordinary king, they brought rich gifts: gold crowns, frankincense (a resin that emits a fragrance when burned), and myrrh (a very fragrant vegetable oil). These gifts portray the most important message about Jesus for us: golden crown: the most suitable gift for a king; frankincense: burnt for the worship of God;——Used to pay homage to the dead.


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