The world's oldest Christmas tree

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Every Christmas, many British families have a traditional custom of placing a simulated Christmas tree at home to add to the festive atmosphere, and the Parker family insists on this tradition for a longer time than other families, and they still keep it. A simulated Christmas tree purchased in 1886. According to foreign media reports, as of this year's Christmas, the Christmas tree's“tree age”Already 124 years old, it is commendable that the preservation of this Christmas tree is very good until now, and it has been identified as the oldest artificial Christmas tree in the world. The Christmas tree was purchased by the Parker family for 6p in the Victorian era, and it was valued at £1,000 at an antiques fair in 2005. Parker got it from his mother, Jenny, who died in 2008, and this is the first time the tree has been shown to the outside world since that year. Parker, 45, said:“I am very proud to present this Christmas tree, which my mother cherished dearly when she was alive, and I will continue the family tradition. It may not look like much, but it has been with us for so many Christmases and has become part of our Christmas celebrations.” Originally, the Parker family didn't care about the imitation Christmas tree, until Jenny accidentally saw an advertisement for ancient decorations in the local newspaper, and she suddenly realized the value of the old Christmas tree. The tree has been confirmed by the London Auction House and Guinness World Records as the oldest known imitation Christmas tree still intact. Parker added:“The custom of placing Christmas trees at Christmas was spread during the Victorian period by the influence of Prince Albert and the Tannenbaum Christmas tree in Germany. The tree commemorates the birth of Jesus and is a symbol of Christmas for the family.”.


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