Tracking Santa calls hit another record high

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norad spokeswoman stacey·Fenton said last Christmas,“track santa claus”Volunteers received more than 110,000 calls, breaking the previous year's record of 100,000. the“track santa claus”It is a traditional activity of NORAD that has continued for more than half a century. Every Christmas Eve, a child calls and asks:“where is santa claus when will he come”Volunteer Sarah·Berghoff did not expect to receive such a call. A child asked her on the 24th if Santa Claus will visit the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting this year. The 13-year-old Berghoff recalled that the child asked on the phone:“I'm from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, where the shooting happened. Is it possible for Santa to bring extra presents? This way I can give to families who have lost children.”Berghoff was surprised, quickly sorted out his thoughts, and replied:“If I can reach him, I'll send him a message.”Volunteer Program Spokesperson Marisa·Novobileski said hundreds of volunteers participated“track santa claus”event, they answer calls from all over the globe, and Berghoff is one of them. USA“the first lady”Michelle·Obama, who was on vacation with his family in Hawaii, also joined the ranks of volunteers, chatting with children across the country for about 30 minutes. She has been involved in this activity for several years. The North American Aerospace Defense Command is jointly formed by the US Continental Air Defense Command and the Canadian Air Defense Command. Since 1955“track”Santa's whereabouts on Christmas Eve and setting up a hotline.


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