Various Christmas decorations for Christmas

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Optical fiber tree: beautiful and luxurious, suitable for business, leisure and other places (there are flashing Christmas trees, luminous Christmas trees, optical fiber flowers, colored ball optical fiber Christmas trees, wind chimes optical fiber Christmas trees, green optical fiber Christmas trees, colored optical fiber Christmas trees, etc. Christmas circle: wreath and laser The perfect combination of lamps interprets fashion and fashion from a new angle (it can be used as Christmas gifts, Christmas crafts, Christmas decorations, Christmas pendants. Mini tree: the designer's design, cutting and shaping of the factory's version room all reflect exquisite craftsmanship (Designers from: Guangdong Christmas Tree Factory, Zhejiang Christmas Tree Factory, Guangzhou Christmas Tree Factory, Shenzhen Christmas Tree Factory, Dongguan Christmas Tree Factory, Yiwu Christmas Tree Factory. Christmas rattan: novel, luxurious and exquisite. Various accessories add... (It can be used as Christmas supplies, Spring Festival supplies, Easter supplies, and Ghost Festival supplies.


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