We need a big football Christmas tree for the 2022 World Cup


A large football Christmas tree that once appeared. Maybe you have never seen it, or you have no memory at all, so let's recall it now. Christmas 2020, Sochi, Russia, Shit Stadium, a large football Christmas tree stunned the world, this Christmas tree is full of 258 different types of footballs, which have been used in different international competitions , none of which are duplicates. Now, 2022, the year of the World Cup, will be held unprecedentedly in November-December. Whether it is a large outdoor square, a shopping mall center, or a crowded place such as a bar street, a pedestrian street, or a food street, it will become "the most beautiful boy in the audience". If you have already started to move, then act, we will provide a complete set of design, production and installation services for the large-scale football World Cup themed Christmas tree arrangement..

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