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A distinctive Christmas tree in Qinghai Hotel in Xining City, Qinghai Province has attracted the attention of many people. This Christmas tree is made by the staff of the hotel using mineral water bottles and beverage bottles discarded by customers. Made sleds and huts. This Christmas tree made of waste plastic bottles is environmentally friendly and beautiful, and has been praised by many customers. Inspired by the concept of environmental protection, John Galliano's Christmas tree adopts the intersection design of pure paper and polystyrene. Drawing inspiration from the winter snow scene, blending the winding bushes of the tropical rainforest, the branches painted in white and ice blue lie among the handmade cheetahs, parrots and dragonflies. On the day of the unveiling of the Christmas tree, John Galliano personally selected 20 Dior haute couture dresses with Claridge embellishments's the entire hall.“This Christmas, Dior and Claridge can's hand in hand, I was pleasantly surprised. I always love to visit Claridge when I'm in London's, especially this Christmas. I'm looking to put a creative spin on a traditional Christmas tree. I will combine festive fun with avant-garde concepts, and combine Claridge with Dior verve's magnificence, creating a stunning Christmas tree, adding a perfect prelude to the coming Christmas season!”In addition to these, there are the following more distinctive Christmas trees: Jean Paul Gaultier and his“iconic”Sea Soul Christmas Tree Norman Foster Christmas Tree Miguel Adrover Christmas Tree, Jean Charles de Castelbajac Christmas Tree Gucci Christmas Tree Zaha Hadid's Tree (the highest selling Christmas tree),.


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