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Decide what you think, one of it or the other. \"Also, Ronaldo shared the ball when Messi let the whole Barcelona team play for him. . . . . \"Well, so why did Messi get more league assists and assists than Ronaldo in all the games last season? You have the right to express your opinion, but at least on the basis of facts.

what is resin flower ball | Guanmei Glass Art

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Time leader in the game (1,252). Before being acquired by the New York Mets in December 1978, 19-year-Old oroxo played for the hounds in Heather\'s shop. Not all of his energy is spent on carving trophies. He also used his time at the trophy store to gain an edge on batsmen around the league. \"I put the game ball in the office.

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Please stop affecting other journalists and stop myopia in your assessment. Leave your opinion to yourself. Vote for this day. The CR7 is not an exciting player and he always runs away with the ball as if he were Usain Bolt! Sorry Pinto! True. Ronaldo won the La Liga this year. However, this prestigious award is about personal achievements in the Champions League or in Europe and I am not entirely sure.

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Don\'t attack him for no reason. He clearly makes sense. According to public opinion, Ronaldo should win the Golden Ball this year, and should win the prize more than Messi. Don\'t get me wrong, Messi is the greatest in the world, but this year is Ronaldo\'s year and it\'s still Ronaldo\'s year. I love Iniesta, I love Messi, I just don\'t know who can win this game, but I would be happy if Iniesta had a chance. . . . . . . . .

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