What to do with a used Christmas tree?

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Christmas trees can be taken straight to the zoo to feed a variety of animals, including elephants, giraffes and hippos. Camels, deer and sheep will also join in the New Year's feast at Dresden Zoo in Germany. According to the Berlin Zoo, one elephant can eat five Christmas trees in one meal. But the zoo only accepts unsold trees, not donations from the public. In Oxford, there are public lawns (parks) with Christmas tree recycling points. There are 17 points in Oxford. Tow your tree there before the recycling deadline (January 20th in 2013), and the tree will then be shredded and dropped as fertilizer in parks and public spaces. I don’t know how the toll-free number is used. It may be to call someone to come to your house to take the tree away, but there is no indication on the website whether there will be additional fees. I saw a photo taken by a Welshman on instagram, the Christmas tree was...burned... In Canada, the government usually receives a notice before Christmas, and the Christmas tree will be recycled. It just so happens that today is recycling day. The letter said that it is enough to put the Christmas tree at the door of the house after 7 am and before 8 pm. Recycled Christmas trees are chopped into pieces and composted instead of being sent to landfill. Making compost compost has become a common practice in recent years, and there are even compost recycling bins everywhere in the company. Hong Kong treats Christmas trees as ordinary garbage, and most of them are sent directly to landfills, which is not environmentally friendly. This year, environmental groups are getting involved in Christmas tree recycling projects. The main thing is to publish the contact information, and then come to collect it. The project plans to recycle 10 tons of Christmas trees, but many citizens respond and have already recycled 50 tons of Christmas trees. The recovered Christmas tree will be pulled to the wood treatment plant for processing: first it will be left for three months to dry naturally; the leaves will be separated from the trunk. The leaves are minced to make organic fertilizer; the trunk is crushed three times and then treated with high temperature and pressure to make wood coal. Wood coal: High temperature and high pressure extrusion equipment is used to extrude waste wood, crop straw, etc. into certain pellets (Pellets) or briquettes (Briquettes) as fuel, that is, wood coal fuel. In France, it is illegal to throw a used Christmas tree on the street or on the sidewalk, and you will be fined more than 100 euros. The Paris city government has launched similar recycling activities, and has set up recycling points in nearly a hundred parks within Paris. The last recycling deadline for this year is January 22. Similar recycling activities have been implemented in many cities in France, such as Lille, Marseille, Caen and so on. The recycled Christmas trees will be shredded, and the shreds can be used to cover the land in parks or flower beds, like this: or, as mentioned above, to make compost (Compost). Chatting with the French girl next to me, she said that more and more families are now using plastic Christmas trees for the purpose of saving money or environmental protection, and their family has not bought a real Christmas tree for many years. Another French friend confirmed this, saying that her family's plastic Christmas tree has been used for eight years, and it is dragged out of the warehouse every year, dusted and continued to be used.


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