What tree is the Christmas tree made of?

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Christmas trees can be divided into natural or artificial, and Christmas trees mainly symbolize auspiciousness and beauty. The decorations on the Christmas tree and small Christmas gifts are more festive and auspicious. For natural trees, the preferred tree species is Abies. The needle-shaped leaves of this species are not easy to fall off after drying, and the color and smell are also good, but other species can also be used. Common Christmas trees in northern Europe are: Silver fir, white fir Abies alba (original species) Caucasus fir Abies nordmanniana Magnificent fir Abies procera European spruce Picea abies (usually the cheapest) Serbian spruce Picea omorika European red pine Pinus sylvestris Common in South America Christmas Trees: Canada fir Abies balsamea Fraser fir Abies fraseri Grand fir Abies grandis Magnificent fir Abies procera Purple fig fir Abies magnifica Douglas-fir David Douglas fir Pseudotsuga menziesii Scot pine Pinus sylvestris Stone pine Pinus pinea (as a rare tabletop tree) Some trees are often sold from the nursery with roots and soil, which can be transplanted outside after the New Year and grown outdoors for many years. However, a lot of roots are lost during excavation, and the indoor environment is generally high in temperature and low in humidity, which is very harmful to the health of trees, and the survival rate is very low. In addition, the European holly (Ilex aquifolium) is also known as the Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas tree: Artificial Christmas tree refers to a Christmas tree made artificially compared to a naturally cultivated Christmas tree. The earliest artificial Christmas trees are divided into wood and feather, both invented by the Germans. Modern artificial Christmas trees are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), but there are many other types of artificial Christmas trees at present and in history, including aluminum Christmas trees, fiber optic Christmas trees, etc.


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