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According to Deloitte's annual survey report on Christmas spending in European countries, compared with last year, this year's Christmas spending by Irish, Scandinavian, British and Spanish people will increase by 6% to 10%; The payout for this period will be between -1% or +2%. France is a low-spending country in the ranking of Christmas spending among European countries. Christmas spending only accounts for 2% of annual spending, but French people still plan to spend an average of 550 euros on Christmas gifts. The Christmas gifts that French adults want are CDs, DVDs and video products (50%), books (34%), perfumes and cosmetics (34%) and clothing. The most desirable gifts for minors, especially children aged 12 to 18, are CDs and DVDs. Clothes, which had been ranked No. 1 among French Christmas gifts for two consecutive years, dropped to No. 3 this year. The reason may be related to the big sale of clothes after Christmas, when French women hope to buy bargains. The survey also shows that European consumers are paying more and more attention to prices. This trend is the same not only in France, but also in all European countries, except Russia and Cyprus. The desire to consume exceeds the attention to prices. The French pay great attention to prices and store promotions. They also buy Christmas gifts in specialty stores, large supermarkets and cheap stores. However, clothing and textiles are still the first choice for specialty stores, and they mainly buy daily clothes in supermarkets.


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