Which Christmas tree is more "green"

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This Christmas, consumers who care about the environment have their brains scratched. Is the artificial Christmas tree more environmentally friendly or the natural Christmas tree more emission-reducing? To spend a”green“Consumers face a dilemma this Christmas. Many factors can influence a person's decision to buy a Christmas tree, including family traditions, price and difficulty of maintenance. However, environmental factors are becoming more and more influential. For this reason, whether it is an artificial Christmas tree or a natural Christmas tree seller, this year they are fighting“environmental protection card”. With the economy still in the doldrums, Christmas tree sales have no doubt been affected as well. A New York research firm believes that Christmas tree sales are up slightly from last year, but profits have shrunk every week since Thanksgiving. For this reason, vendors claim that their Christmas trees are the most environmentally friendly. The American Christmas Tree Association, a trade group representing artificial Christmas tree makers, said it sponsored a study showing artificial trees have a smaller carbon footprint than real trees, but only if they are more than 10 years old. However, the Pacific Northwest National Christmas Tree Association, a group representing natural tree manufacturers, said natural Christmas trees can reduce carbon emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, while also being recycled. After the planters cut down the trees, they also plant new trees in their original places. bill and anna from manhattan beach·Hawley decided that the best approach was to use neither of the above methods. They rented a 3 foot potted Christmas tree for Christmas. Bill says:“For $70, they get delivery and pickup, and we get to use the same Christmas tree every year so it grows with our kids.”The couple has three children under the age of five. He also said:“It is very difficult for us to buy a real tree every year and then throw it away. We're not environmental fanatics, but we do like to try to take the environment into account when making decisions. Mike, Professor of Forestry, Oregon State University·Bundy said there have been no life-cycle studies in the U.S. comparing the carbon footprint of artificial and natural Christmas trees. Bundy doesn't think artificial tree research can be trusted. He said:“The American Christmas Tree Association study is not a peer-reviewed scientific study. The Carbon Trust, an independent non-profit company established by the British government, recommends that people choose natural trees. However, natural trees generally have a lower carbon footprint than artificial Christmas trees, the company said. The company also pointed out in a statement that if people use artificial trees for more than 11 years, they are a more environmentally friendly choice. The reason for this is that manufacturing and selling artificial trees emits the same amount of carbon as planting and felling 11 real trees.


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