Why does Guangdong compare Christmas tree manufacturers?

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Why are there more Christmas tree manufacturers in Guangdong? What is the advantage of the Pearl River Delta? It is a strong supply chain, and the owner of a strong supply chain can produce better products. The same is true for Christmas trees. In the Pearl River Delta, most Christmas tree manufacturers are mainly located in Guangzhou, followed by Dongguan, and finally Shenzhen. Are there no Christmas tree manufacturers elsewhere? To be honest, judging from the experience of the editor for so many years, the titles in other places“Christmas tree manufacturer”All of them are made in the Pearl River Delta. Whether it is Changsanjiao or Beijing, there is no absolute advantage in Guangdong. Why do so many people make Christmas trees? There is an old saying that the duality point of the world, Yiwu comes to produce, if you want to be cheap, you can go to Yiwu, but if you want quality and quality, you have to rely on the Pearl River Delta. Guangdong Christmas tree is very famous in China and even in the world. Our company is engaged in wholesale, production and sales of Christmas.


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